About Me

I am a bit fiery and a bit feisty. I strive to live life with passion, with heart, with humor, and a quest for authenticity. I am outspoken and strong – an advocate, a teacher, and a student. Practicing Anusara Yoga and studying the Alexander Technique are two of my panaceas.

A bit like a well-loved sock monkey, I love funky socks and beanies (the hats), to give and receive melty, ooey-gooey hugs, and to laugh so hard that I cry. I am my kids’ favorite monkey to cuddle up with while we read or watch a movie.

I’m writing this blog to increase awareness for children with behavioral challenges and autism spectrum disorders; to help build an online kula (community) where we can support each other; and to share my family’s journey in a platform where we can cry and laugh together.

Thank you for visiting.