Questions for the ASD Community

To quote George RR Martins “winter is coming.” But, for Spectrum families, it often isn’t winter that we fear, it’s summer.

With the change in schedule, in routine, in seeing the people our children have come to expect to see 5 days out of the week, summer can be a time of uncertainty, of change, of possible upheaval and breakdowns. One question I have to ask, particularly to other single Spectrum parents, is how do you do it? As a single mom of two boys, I’ve planned my schedule very carefully around my boys’ schedules, needs, and appointments. Yet, it’s been a struggle to be able to work enough amidst all of the demands of being a single mom with two young boys, one of which is on the high functioning end of the spectrum.

I’d love to be able to work more, but with summer approaching, I don’t know how or if I can. Wesley can’t handle large summer programs for NT children. Although he was in a half-day summer program with the school last year, I’ve had to put into force our “stay put” rights in order for him to obtain the same service this year. I’m worried. Without summer services, Wes loses ground on the social and emotional skill set that he’s worked hard on during the school year. The interactions that give him the opportunity to practice those skills, disappear.

I have to ask the community at large – do you know of a summer program in Eastern Massachusetts that caters to high functioning ASD children, that you would highly recommend? And, do you know of any resources out there that can help defray or eliminate the cost?

I, like many other parents, am doing all that I can to prevent Wesley from slipping through the cracks this summer all while also taking care of his brother, trying to stay on my feet, and contribute more financially so we can move into our own home vs the one that we share with my parents. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

All the best, Amanda

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