I Am…

I Am…a post inspired by Kana Tyler’s blog. What Wes and Sea said is different than what I had expected. What they said is perfect…


 Wesley. I Am…

…awesome, awesomer, completely awesome, a weirdo, a video gamer, hilarious, and weird…I am the second in command overlord of chaos, havoc, and idiotness.

Seamus. I Am…

…cool, awesome, funny, weird, fun to play with. That’s it.

Me (Amanda). I Am…

…the usual things we think of when someone says “who are you?” I am a single mom, a daughter, a massage therapist, yoga teacher, Alexander technique trainee, researcher, strong, supportive friend, lover of sock monkeys, goof-ball, self-inquisitor. But these don’t really answer the question “who am I?” Who am I really? Who. Am. I?

I am a soul, a soul who is learning and remembering what it is like to be free, what it is like to let go and feel who I was before I moved away from my Self and started becoming who I felt I needed to be rather than who I was. I am giving myself permission to open myself to what is already there, to open myself to the light, love, freedom, strength, support, and bliss that is already within me. I am giving myself permission to open my Self to others, to bare my soul without feeling that I need to protect it, to simply be.

I am learning to dance with the light within my Self and within others. I am learning to fly. I am a soul who yearns to dance with the divine in nature and with the divine in each other. I am learning to move to the beat of my nature, to my heart. I am turning myself to the radiant sunrise within my Self. I am painting a beautiful tapestry filled with the colors of unlimited potentiality.

I am who I am when I am being who I am as I experience myself being my Self with freedom and ease of being.

I am…


John O’Donohue asks “Who are you? Who are you really like behind the mask, behind the roll, behind your words? Who are you when you’re alone with yourself? Who are you in the middle of the night when you awaken? And who are you when you come out of the dawn before you step into the conditioned reflexes that keeps most of the days of your life dulled on you? Who are you then?”

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2 Responses to I Am…

  1. Kana Tyler says:

    Wow, goosebumps. I’m glad you shared the responses and thoughts. 🙂

    • Thanks Kana! Thank you for inspiring me and for asking your readers to complete the phrase “I Am…”. Super fun!

      And, thank you to all of my teachers, friends, and guides, with a special thanks to my kids, to TT, DA, & MP. You inspire me each and every day.

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